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Aquaponics holds the key to a future of abundance. A future where eating fresh, healthy, and local food is the norm and not the exception. We at True Blue are here to make that happen.


By bringing food production into the heart of our cities and closer to our homes we can profoundly empower men and women across the globe while also helping to heal our planet. Our vision at True Blue is to lead the aquaponics revolution into new and unexplored territories and to push the boundaries of what is possible. Through research, design, and education we are helping to create aquaponics systems that will revitalize cities around our planet.

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What We Do:

True Blue offers all those in Seattle and the Northwest access to custom built Aquaponics Systems and consulting services as well as unique classes and workshops that reveal the inner-workings of aquaponic food production.



Our mission is threefold:

* First, we are actively seeking funding and space to build Seattle’s premier sustainable commercial aquaponics farm- one that will contribute to our local economy and a resilient food movement. Farming near the city would allow us to be close to our community and customers, thus dramatically reducing the “food miles” while allowing us to offer the freshest and most delicious produce possible. 

* Second, we aim to educate and spread the word about this powerful technology and help sow the seeds for a future of food abundance. Through our engaging courses and workshops we reveal the inner-workings of an aquaponic garden and help open the gateway to growing fresh, local and nutritious food.

* Lastly, we aim to design and distribute home and backyard scale aquaponic systems that bring individuals, families, and communities within arms reach of the food they eat. We see this decentralized method of food production as a direct challenge and a dynamic alternative to the many rigid and outdated methods of our modern agricultural machine.


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